Psychological Trauma is Complex, Let us Help You Simplify the Experience

Centered Lifestyle Services is a mobile emergency response company that provides coordinated mental health and crisis management services to individuals and organisations that experience a traumatic event.

We are dedicated to helping others ‘heal’ rather than be ‘treated’ for stress reactions related to a traumatic encounter. After a traumatic experience, our brain commonly leads us astray from our natural ability to heal because the experience is so novel that we literally cannot wrap our minds around it. In fact, science has proven that trauma resides in a part of the brain that logic really can’t access. This leads many of us to feel overwhelmed and sometimes even as if our thoughts are beyond our own control.

In response to recent advancements in neuroscience, we have developed a holistic approach to helping. Through teaching, guiding and talk therapy, we assist clients in understanding that common stress reactions to trauma is often a normal response to a very abnormal situation. We guide clients in learning to become comfortable with ‘what is’ through cultivating mindfulness-based practices that can be incorporated into the lived reality of our clients to promote a healthy, sustained emotional existence.