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Sun Runner Pays it Forward Matt Johnston puts together a run group for kids from inner-city settings, definitely low income that are considered at-risk children and youth.

Staying Healthy in the Face of First Responder Trauma

Sun Run 2017: Group of inner city youth : Matthew Johnston gathered 117 students from multiple inner city schools to join together and complete the Sun Run.

Insights : See page 10 for Matthew Johnston’s latest article: “The Crisis of Vicarious Trauma Among First Responders”

First Responder Trauma: “Dealing with Trauma”

The Vancouver Sun: Whalley Wolf Pack ready to roar in Sun Run.
Firefighters team up to create running group to help teens from Surrey.

The Vancouver Sun: Whalley student relentless in rallying troops for the Sun Run. What it takes to inspire kids and get them involved.

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The Vancouver Sun: Matt Johnston discovered running in Grade 9. As his feet picked up, so did his grades.

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Stop the Fentanyl Crisis

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