Psychological Trauma is Complex, Let us Help You Simplify the Experience

We offer a variety of highly specialised mental health intervention options that are designed to restore individuals to a ‘before crisis’ level of functioning in a tactful, time-sensitive manner.

We achieve this outcome through a variety of industry-proven techniques including:

  • Developing strategies based on consultations with managers and/or employees post-incident
  • Facilitating Critical Incident Stress Management services including defusings and debriefings
  • Crisis Management Briefings to organisations and/or community stakeholders
  • Grief Counselling services led by trained mental health clinicians
  • On-going psychological support and case management of affected individuals
  • Employee and management training on how to maintain a mindful workplace

Trauma resides in the perception of the experience, rather than the event itself.

Many reactions to trauma, as uncomfortable as they may be, are normal reactions to an abnormal situation.