Psychological Trauma is Complex – We Help Simplify the Experience

Centered Lifestyle Services is a mobile emergency response company providing psychoeducational training and mental health services to those who encounter trauma – either directly or witnessed.

We specialize in training mental health professionals, municipalities, large unions and provincial authorities on how to maximize emotional health and well-being for individuals – particularly those working in the front line emergency services profession.

Our Approach to Psychological Trauma

Recent advancements in neuroscience has shown that psychological trauma resides in a part of the brain that logic really can’t access. This is why many people who experience trauma often feel overwhelmed – and sometimes as if personal thoughts and feelings are beyond their control.

Centered Lifestyle Services is dedicated to assisting people in learning how to tame their stress response through teaching neuroscience and incorporating mindfulness-based practices into everyday living. These techniques have proven to alleviate mental health challenges as well as promote healing that sustains a healthy emotional existence.

Moving Towards Greater Resiliency

Centered Lifestyle Services has developed an holistic approach to healing that helps people and organizations become more resilient. The result is simple: people become better equipped to tolerate ‘what is’, as opposed to ‘what should be’.